Quick Life Tips

Tired of your clothes shrinking?

I used to dread buying new pants and t-shirts.  It’s very difficult to find sizes that fit me as I am quite thin.  It’s rare that I can hit the dressing room and try on a pair of pants or a t-shirt and have a perfect fit.  When I do find that perfect fit I get excited!  But nothing is worse than after washing those pants a few times that they shrink so much that they aren’t even wearable anymore…

Well, It’s a pretty quick and easy tip here.  Just stop drying your clothes in the dryer.  That’s it.  Rather than putting clothes in the dryer, after the washer, hang them up somewhere.  I hang mine up in the bathrooms.  The heat from the dryer is hard on wet clothes and causes the fabrics to shrink dramatically.  When you hang them up to dry there is no heat applied.  It takes a lot longer to dry but in return your clothes will continue to fit properly like when you were trying them on in the dressing room for the first time.  Another benefit is that your clothes will last a LOT longer.  I have jeans that are over a year old now that I wear very frequently but still look almost new.  Of course there is a little wear and tear but they are in GREAT condition still.  It’s true! Give it a try!

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