My Favorite Herbs

Burdock Root

牛蒡 住山ごぼう

Burdock Root is by far one of my favorite herbs.  It has done a lot for my health.  It is one of the best natural blood purifiers you will find.  It’s inexpensive with huge impacts on your overall health.  You can find this herb in almost any health store.

In today’s diet we take in a lot of toxins.  Burdock Root does a great job of getting rid of many of these toxins.  It’s fast working and very effective.  This is a great herb to include with any detox diet.  The link below is a great article about this amazing root.


Gotu Kola


Gotu Kola has many reasons for being one of my favorite herbs.  The number one reason being that it has helped me so much with anxiety, ADHD symptoms, and mental fatigue.  This herb comes with an array of benefits.  I definitely think it’s one worth taking some serious interest in.

Some of the many things it may help with besides what I have already mentioned are depression, proper blood flow, strengthening veins, nervous disorders, acts as a brain tonic, improves memory, and intelligence.  Check out this reference for more information.




If you feel a cold or a bug coming on you might feel inclined to start taking a ton of Vitamin C or drink a bunch of Orange Juice.  Before you do such a thing you should really consider taking a fantastic herbal supplement called Echinacea.  Echinacea is an excellent immune system optimizer and it does it all naturally.  It works better and faster than almost any other herb I have been able to find.

I used to get Bronchitis every year for many years.  I got tired of heading to the doctor’s office every time I came down with it so I decided to try a natural solution.  After a bit of research I tried Echinacea and Garlic together.  This combo took Chronic Bronchitis away from me.  I haven’t had Bronchitis for 10 years.  It truly works.  It’s cheap and easy to find. It’s even available at Wal-Mart.