Salt Water In My Eye?

Recently I woke up in the morning before work and my eye didn’t feel so great.  I looked in the mirror and my upper eye lid was getting swollen and red.  It was quite uncomfortable.  But rather than get all worked up I just did a search online on how to cure an eye infection.  […]

Coconut Oil For Toothpaste

One of my more recent endeavors has been how to better take care of my teeth.  I have a friend who learned how to make some home made toothpaste using Coconut Oil and a few other simple ingredients.  This caught my attention a bit as I had been using traditional toothpastes my entire life and […]

How cereal changed my life

Everyone in my family knows about my obsession over cereal.  Cereal has literally been one of my favorite foods for as long as I can remember.  But I didn’t know how it could change my life.  When I was a kid I started off everyday with a bowl of cereal.  I didn’t pay any attention […]

Gotu Kola for ADHD/Depression/Anxiety

There are many health benefits of taking Gotu Kola from improving blood flow and strengthening veins to better memory.  But in this small tidbit I’m going to focus on how it helps with “mental disorders”. In Asia Gotu Kola has been known of for hundreds of years, if not more, for it’s healing abilities.  It […]

Do it for your brain!

Our brains are extremely complex and powerful.  Over years of study we continue to learn more and more about the brain.  Granted we all know the important role the brain plays in our everyday life. The healthier our brain the healthier and happier we are.  If our brain is lacking in nutrients because of poor […]

Great Detox Diet

Detoxing in our day and age is very important.  With all of the toxins that we take in it’s vital that we find some way of ridding ourselves of them as much as possible.  Toxins in our bodies can cause a lot of health issues.  Everyone’s body is different so it may manifest differently for […]