Salt Water In My Eye?

Recently I woke up in the morning before work and my eye didn’t feel so great.  I looked in the mirror and my upper eye lid was getting swollen and red.  It was quite uncomfortable.  But rather than get all worked up I just did a search online on how to cure an eye infection.  I was surprised by the search results!


I read quite a few articles on different natural ways to help with eye infections.  many of which seemed…interesting.  Some mentioned putting teabags on your eyes, using eye drops, or using a wet rag as a compress.  The most interesting thing I found to do was to wash your eye with salt water.  That’s right, salt water!  I was taken aback thinking that salt water couldn’t be good for your eyes for sure.  But after more research I found a few more testimonials on using salt water.

I took off with this idea and decided to give it a try.  I took a pot, put some water in it, and started to heat it up.  I put the stove on high to get it hot quickly.  I was in a hurry cause I really wanted to do something before I had to head to work.  After letting the water boil for a few minutes I put quite a bit of salt in the water and watched it dissolve.  After it dissolved I stirred the water around a bit. I took a tablespoon out of the draw and headed to the bathroom.

After letting the water cool down for a few minutes I dipped my tablespoon in the water.  I tilted my head back while standing in front of the mirror and poured the water out of the tablespoon into my eye.  This wasn’t to hard for me to do since I have had contacts before and have had to use eye drops.  I am pretty comfortable making contact with my eyes.  It slightly burned.  It was very bearable.  I did this repeatedly approximately 12 times.  I was surprised how good my eye felt after these applications.

I headed to work and continued the day as normal.  After awhile my eye started to feel irritated again but wasn’t looking any worse from a visual perspective.  I wanted to do the salt water trick again but had to wait until I got home.  After getting home I repeated the process.  It felt good again after.  This seemed to be working and I wasn’t going to argue with it!

My eye infection only lasted 2 days.  It never got ANY worse.  It would feel irritated and itchy here and there but never was unbearable.  I was able to continue work as normal and would like to say this worked quite well.  I was very happy that my eye never got infected to a point where it was oozing or getting swollen shut like I have had them in the past.  I give the credit to the salt water.

If you get an eye infection give it a try!  It works!

Here is a video I also found on youtube by a make up artist.  He swore by this stuff.  His channel is


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