Coconut Oil For Toothpaste

One of my more recent endeavors has been how to better take care of my teeth.  I have a friend who learned how to make some home made toothpaste using Coconut Oil and a few other simple ingredients.  This caught my attention a bit as I had been using traditional toothpastes my entire life and never thought much of it.


I had heard in the past by several people that you can actually reverse cavities without going to the dentist.  I found this very interesting.  Mouth care has always been something I have never really questioned and have always just used the traditional methods of our time.  But regardless I decided to dive into this on my own a bit.

I started browsing the web and reading about different people’s experiences with natural methods of mouth care.  Something that stood out to me was the use of oils.  Some people put oil in their mouth and swash it around for a good 10-15 minutes.  So like mouth wash.  Rather I guess it is called Oil Pulling.  For some reason, to me, that sounds gross.  But it’s supposed to really help with the overall health of your mouth.  The most desired of the oils to be used, from what I have read, is Coconut oil.

Instead of Oil Pulling I decided to just start brushing my teeth with Coconut oil instead of using traditional toothpaste.  I’m quite glad that I did.  I had a tooth that I’m sure was getting a cavity.  If I touched the tooth with my fingernail in a specific spot close to my gums it would send a sharp pain through my tooth.  I was getting to a point where I figured I should see a dentist.  But before I did that I wanted to give this new found toothpaste a try.

After a few days of using Coconut oil ( morning and night ) as my toothpaste the sensitivity of my tooth went away.  I could touch the tooth with my fingernail and the pain was gone.  I have now been using Coconut oil for a few months now and my teeth actually feel much healthier and stronger.  It’s hard to explain.  But when I use traditional toothpaste off and on it doesn’t feel like it’s good for my teeth and I just want to use the Coconut oil.  I have gotten used to it and I much prefer it now.  I very rarely use traditional toothpaste since the change.  My teeth are less sensitive and seem stronger.  My mouth seems very happy.

I’m not a dentist or a professional.  I’m just simply sharing my experience.  I do recommend to visit your dentist regularly.  But I think it’s worth a try to use some Coconut Oil for your toothpaste.  Be sure to buy organic extra virgin.

Have a nice day!


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