How cereal changed my life

Everyone in my family knows about my obsession over cereal.  Cereal has literally been one of my favorite foods for as long as I can remember.  But I didn’t know how it could change my life.  cereal-932193_1280

When I was a kid I started off everyday with a bowl of cereal.  I didn’t pay any attention to the nutrient contents of the cereal I was eating but rather just ate what I was in the mood for.  One day it would be Cinnamon Toast Crunch, another Reese’s Puffs, and so on.  The point is that I was eating sugary cereals that had very little nutritional value.  Little did I know that the affects of what I was eating was quite detrimental to my everyday.

Through out my entire life until I was about 24 I ate these sugary cereals for breakfast.  I very rarely ate anything else.  Once in awhile when I was a kid I ate instant oatmeal (which was full of sugar as well) and when I was older I would occasionally get breakfast at work meetings which consisted of  strawberry pancakes or waffles.  These didn’t lack in the sugar department either.

Everyday I would get up, eat breakfast, get ready for the day, and then would feel as though I should just go back to bed.  It didn’t matter how much sleep I got the night before.  Of course sleep did make a difference when I didn’t get much of it but regardless I was tired with or without lots of sleep.  After getting to school or work I just continually wanted to sleep.  It didn’t feel like I just needed a nap but rather it felt as though I needed another whole nights rest.  Have you ever felt so tired that even the hard floor looks comfortable?  That is how I felt almost every single day.  I struggled with this my entire life and I didn’t understand why.  I didn’t understand why everyone else seemed to be able to get up and have energy when I felt like I should just get back in bed.  It was quite frustrating.

To my astonishment after I changed my diet (at 24 years old) I stopped having this issue.  I started having energy in the mornings and that feeling of needing to go back to bed started to go away very quickly.  I didn’t realize that the high amounts of sugar were killing me so badly in the mornings.  But that is exactly what it was.

I changed my breakfasts to healthier cereals.  Cereals that had much less sugar and a lot more minerals and vitamins; whole grain cereals.  I found that organic sugars didn’t bother me as NEAR as bad as refined sugars.  I started eating bran cereals, organic granola, whole grains, and etc.  I also used non-dairy milk (but I had been using non-dairy milk for quite a few years at this point).  It’s good to use a substitute like almond milk or coconut milk.  They are much easier to digest and in my opinion are much healthier.  After making these changes my energy levels were much higher and I felt much more stable.

Organic cereals can be a little more expensive than non organic but it’s not a huge difference.  Especially for the impact that it has on your day.  Fred Meyers has a good selection of organic cereals but even WinCo and Walmart seem to be jumping on the band wagon.  I highly recommend making the switch.  Cereal can literally change your life. 😉




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