Gotu Kola for ADHD/Depression/Anxiety

There are many health benefits of taking Gotu Kola from improving blood flow and strengthening veins to better memory.  But in this small tidbit I’m going to focus on how it helps with “mental disorders”.


In Asia Gotu Kola has been known of for hundreds of years, if not more, for it’s healing abilities.  It has been known for it’s ability to heal the mind and help a person focus.  It has been used in meditation practices to help balance a persons mind.  There is even legend that it can prolong life.  It does not contain Caffeine.

So many Americans suffer from many different levels of depression, anxiety, or ADHD.  I have suffered from these at some point in my life as well.  I think for a lot of us it may have to do with our lifestyle and eating habits.  Regardless of whether it is a chemical imbalance, lifestyle, or whatever, I think Gotu Kola is an herbal supplement we should all look at very seriously.

I tried the doctor’s approach for my problems but they just prescribed me their typical synthetic medications and you kind of become their lab rat.  They just throw different medications at you until you find one that helps you feel better.  It’s a terrible thing.  Sometimes the medications can make you much worse until hopefully you find one that actually seems to help.  But the bottom line is that they don’t prescribe you ANYTHING that actually heals the illness or problem.  They simply prescribe you drugs to help mask the problem but that help you feel “better”.  Why don’t we focus on healing or curing the problem?  My opinion… the almighty dollar.

After some time I got tired of the prescribed medications and decided to handle it on my own through prayer and research.  After some time I came across Gotu Kola.  I was impressed by what I read online.  I decided to give it a try.

When I first took the Gotu Kola I noticed it works very quickly.  You can typically start to feel it’s affects within 30 minutes.  It made me feel very relaxed and laid back.  It’s not an extreme feeling but it’s rather quite subtle.  I remember enjoying what I was doing at the time as well.  For example I was mowing my grandmother’s lawn, which normally, I really hate yard work, but my mind was different this time in particular.  I felt more relaxed and at ease and I didn’t mind what I was doing.  In fact it was kind of enjoyable to be mowing the lawn.  I didn’t feel like I had to rush to get it done or stress out over how much time it was taking.  I just took my time and got it done and continued on with my merry little way.

At work I felt a lot more at ease.  Normally I would stress out a bit over helping our customers but instead I was much more laid back and didn’t mind helping them at all really.  I didn’t stress out over making sure the customer was happy or super satisfied.  I still wanted the customer to be happy but I didn’t stress out over it as much.  Things just seemed more enjoyable.

I definitely noticed it’s affects with “ADHD”.  I was able to sit down and focus on things much better.  It was much easier to sit down and read, study, or write.  I could zone in on things when it was necessary.  It felt very natural.  It was as though I was being healed rather than just masking the issue.  It’s hard to explain but the medications the doctors prescribe for ADHD don’t feel right in your head.  They seem to  force a person to be a certain way where the Gotu Kola just gave me the ability if needed.  It felt much better.

I took the Gotu Kola for about a year and then I stopped. After I stopped I noticed my energy levels went up and I was still able to focus.  I felt smarter.  I was still able to read well and slow down when necessary.  It was very life changing.

I’m no scientist but I would like to say the Gotu Kola helped to heal or cure my problem.  I enjoy reading and studying random topics now where I used to loath the idea of having to sit down and focus on anything.  It’s fantastic.  I feel less anxiety and stress over things.  I highly recommend Gotu Kola for anyone suffering from any kind of mental illness.

My story is true.



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