Fight the common cold with Echinacea!

Echinacea is a fantastic herb that one can take to help optimize the immune system to help fight off illnesses like the common cold, flu bugs, and etc.


I first looked into Echinacea when I was about 20 years old.  For years I would come down with Bronchitis every year.  It was very frustrating.  I would get sick for 1-2 weeks and I always ended up in the doctor’s office.  I got tired of conventional medications and to be honest I couldn’t afford it either.

After deciding to take matters into my own hands, and researching online, I gave Echinacea and Garlic supplements a try.  I felt myself coming down with Bronchitis again (like usual) and immediately started taking the recommended dose of both of these supplements. After taking them I started feeling better by the next day.  I ended up only being sick for a few days and I didn’t come down with the illness as near as bad as usual.  I was so impressed.  It has been about 10 years and I haven’t had Bronchitis since.  Echinacea changed my life.

Echinacea, rather than attacking the bacteria in your body like antibiotics, supports and boosts your immune system to help your body fight it off instead.  It can help with other things as well such as acting as a blood purifier, inflammation in arthritis, cancer, alleviating pain, and even help with mental health.  Check it out!


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