Do it for your brain!

Our brains are extremely complex and powerful.  Over years of study we continue to learn more and more about the brain.  Granted we all know the important role the brain plays in our everyday life.


The healthier our brain the healthier and happier we are.  If our brain is lacking in nutrients because of poor diet then we are only hurting ourselves and our happiness. It affects everything.  It’s so important to try and maintain a healthy diet for our overall everyday function.  I speak from experience and research.

When I was younger I struggled with life.  I had a hard time even working a full time job.  Everything was very difficult for me to do.  Every task seemed so big.  Nothing was easy.  The only ways I can think of explaining it is that it felt like I was trying to walk through knee deep mud or that there was a dense fog in my head.  It made it hard to see clearly and function from day to day.

I won’t go into all of the details but I have had to make some major life changes.  I now keep myself on a strict diet (and have for years) to keep my brain properly nourished.  I try very hard to keep things that would put toxins in my body out of my diet as much as possible.  Toxins in our body affect our brain in a very negative way. I now try to eat things that are healthy for my brain.

Because of my efforts, life style change, and diet change I no longer feel like I’m walking through mud or have a fog in my head.  Those days are over.  It’s all because of  God’s grace and showing me that I needed to detox, change my diet, and temporarily use some herbal supplements.  It has literally been life changing for me.

On the contrary of how I used to struggle just getting through a work day, I now am able to handle the life of a single parent of 2 kids, working a full time job, regular church attendance, keeping my house clean and up to par, making most of our meals at home, and etc.  I don’t get much time for myself but I am able to handle all of this and I feel that I am on top of it all.  Back in my early twenties I never would have imagined myself being able to handle this lifestyle.  I attribute much of this to keeping a clean and healthy diet.

I would urge anyone to change your lifestyle for your brain and for yourself.  It will only help you.  I don’t brag that I have been able to learn self control over my diet and what it has done for me, but rather I want to share what I have learned with you so that you can reap the same benefits.  It’s so liberating.  I wish I would have known all of this when I was younger.  But I am very grateful that I know it today.

Not only will your diet affect your brain it will also affect the ones you love so dearly. Studies show that if we don’t properly nourish our bodies then our offspring will start off their lives malnourished.  I don’t think our children deserve that kind of a start to life.  Let us be healthy and stop eating the junk.




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