Manage ADHD without the meds


ADHD is being diagnosed more and more.  It’s almost becoming an epidemic.  But is ADHD really this prominent?  Do all of these people really have this disorder?  I’d like to think not…

I have been diagnosed with ADHD myself.  I tried a handful of different medications that the doctors prescribed.  I would avoid any of those medications AT ALL COSTS!  They are pretty much Crack that has been legalized and made into pills.  Last I heard Crack wasn’t a good idea.  I don’t want to go into my full story but the medications they prescribed me made me a lot worse off in the end than from when I started.

After a lot of prayer and research I came across a herb that changed things for good.  This herb is called Gotu Kola.  Weird name right?  I like to call it Goku Cola (If you watch Dragonball then you might appreciate that).  Regardless, this herb helped me more than anything that the doctors were able to prescribe.

Gotu Kola does a great job on mellowing a person out and helping with anxiety (anxiety seems to go hand in hand with ADHD).  Gotu Kola is great for mental fatigue and ADHD.  The best part about it is that I only had to take Gotu Kola for a limited time.  After taking it for awhile I felt that I should stop taking it.  After stopping I was like a new person.  I could still focus on things and life and had great energy.

I coupled Gotu Kola with a clean diet.  I highly recommend cutting out all refined sugars. Sugars are so hard on your body and nervous system.  They are like poison.    When there are toxins in your body it makes it harder for everything to work right. Getting control of your diet can have a huge impact on any “mental disorder”.

Other foods to eliminate would be fast food, foods with High Fructose Corn Syrup, Foods with MSG, deep fried foods, vegetable oils, and any food with an ingredient that says it’s a color.  There are so many things to avoid it can be very difficult.  Just do some research.

It’s good to practice activities that require a strong focus.  Reading is a great exercise for ADHD.  It doesn’t have to be a lot of reading.  But once a day a person should try to sit down and read for a while and try very hard to focus on the material.  Find something challenging to read.  Stay away from fiction and read non-fiction.  They are harder to focus on as they can be a lot less “fun” to read.  Granted, they are very rewarding to read.  I think you’d be surprised from trying these things out what you can actually accomplish.  Also you can learn some cool new things 🙂

You should read the articles that I used below.  Very informative.



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